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Our tool helps you get quick and reference-supported answers to finance risk, compliance, and AML queries - starting with Web3 and Blockchain-based finance. 

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We  bring experience from prestigious institutions including G20 Research Group, Refinitiv, Europol, Google, OSCE and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. 

We have first hand experience of the complexity and burden of compliance and risk management and have built our Ai tool to help others like us who want to focus their energy on financial crime fighting instead. 

Our vision is a safer digital future for all.

Our tool is trained on +1000 docs from key players in financial crime fighting to assist those who protect the world

Built by a passionate expert team

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Stop drowning in reports and regulation releases

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Our tool is meant to be used by anyone and everyone at the forefront of the fight against financial crime. When you join, you help us create a support program for public authorities and  members of law enforcement to enable their efforts and empower their teams.

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Summarises information across multiple sources

Sourced from reputable organisations 

May occasionally generate incorrect/incomplete information

Current library focuses on Blockchain finances and web3*

Curated and reviewed by leading experts in the field

Shares references for review and further insights

Can limit answers to specific sources

Updated daily to include latest releases

Currently focused on English-speaking FATF countries*

* We are working hard to grow our content and language support. Keep checking in!